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Healthcare Security Systems


Solutions For the Healthcare Industry that are focused on health, safety, security and privacy

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Today’s healthcare and hospital security systems are better described as high-level intelligence platforms than traditional video surveillance systems for hospitals.

Are your hospital security systems 21st century compliant? Are you managing all the risks and threats that today’s hospitals face?

With the amount of patients, staff and regulations having a reliable security system for your healthcare facility is an important decision. Our experienced team is ready to help your healthcare business get compliant.

Security Concerns That Top Healthcare Organizations Face Today

Each hospital or healthcare system faces a unique set of challenges, risks and threats. However, there are some overriding issues that most hospital security personnel must turn their attention to.
Are these challenges familiar to your security team?

  • Delivering a fully functioning hospital environment, centered around overall care and well-being, which includes feeling protected from outside threats.
  • Finding access control systems for healthcare to restricted areas without obstructing care in urgent situations.
  • Monitoring budgetary limitations without sacrificing high-functioning healthcare security systems.
  • Installing healthcare security cameras in strategic locations, such as entrances of hallway bathrooms, emergency room entrances, employee entryways, and parking lots and garages.
  • Protecting IT infrastructure departments to ensure the protection of electronic patient data.
  • Securing and monitoring areas that contain pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other valuable hospital resources.
  • Combining physical security strategies with cybersecurity approaches for maximum security of hospital assets.
  • Developing a relationship with a security firm-as opposed to buying a system then moving on without regular follow-up and interaction-that allows for ironing out issues and allowing for scalability.
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It May Be Time to Add Some Serious Intelligence to Your Healthcare Security Systems

Once upon a time-not too long ago-high-quality healthcare security cameras and security monitoring teams were sufficient to capture basic traffic throughout hospitals.

But challenges have changed and heightened in today’s globally hyper-connected and chaotic environment, and so must healthcare security.

Our hospital security team at Umbrella Technologies has been hard at work listening to the needs of healthcare security personnel then responsively developing multifaceted solutions that get the job done.

Here is what we have developed and offer to protect your hospital:

  • A security consulting and system integration strategy.
  • Open architecture supports all aspects of your hospital’s security system.
  • Cutting-edge video surveillance systems, designed with future scale and performance and measured low-light performance in mind.
  • Access control and mass notification solutions, specially designed for your healthcare facility.
  • Network solutions that adapt to the evolving threat landscape of cybersecurity.
  • The whole system scales and grows with your healthcare organization.

You Can Count on Umbrella for a Security Intelligence Platform That Molds to Your Hospital’s Pressing Concerns and Needs

Umbrella Technologies offers security design and integration that provide top healthcare organizations with state-of-the-art healthcare security systems, access control systems for healthcare and video surveillance systems for hospitals like no other security innovation team today.

Get in touch and schedule time with us to learn more about all the security innovations we offer to keep hospital safe and secure.

Video Surveillance

HD, Panoramic and 4K surveillance cameras are now available connected to an Open-Platform Management Software that’s easy to find evidence you need when you need it.

wireless access points & structure

Wired and wireless LAN designed for Gigabit speed and guest access services that are cost effective, secure and reliable without central hardware.  802.11n and 80211ac wireless connectivity for indoor environments.


Access control

Physical Security starts with the Door.  Electronic card access control utilizing magnetic locks and intelligent IP Based proximity card readers is the primary architecture for proper security for any facility or multi-location enterprise system.

Emergency Mass Notification

Emergencies from active shooters to weather alerts with a flexible solution that sends panic alarms potentially life-saving notifications through desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP desk phones, mobile devices, fire alarm systems and digital signage.

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