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The Leading Resource on Physical Security Systems, Technology, and Best Practices for Professional Security Systems. This Podcast is intended for End-Users who are Responsible for Securing Facilities, People, Products, and Information.

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Information and Experiences shared by the host and special guests who are experts in various areas of security system technology (Enterprise Video Surveillance, Facial Recognition, Access Control Systems, Emergency Response Software) along with Emergency Preparedness Training (Active Shooter), Health & Safety Procedures, Security Team Building, Risk Assessments, Cyber Security Vulnerabilities, IoT Security and Loss Prevention.

We fully intend for this Podcast to be educational, informative, and deliver actionable insights while maintaining vendor/brand neutrality. From time-to-time, we may introduce novel technology we feel would be of value to our listeners, solves a significant problem in the Security Industry. At no time is the host or sponsor of this program being paid to promote products.

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Cannabis Dispensary Security Systems

In this Interview Hosted by Cannabis Industry News, they discuss Security Systems for the cannabis industry. Specifically Marijuana Dispensaries and Growing Facilities. How they use Professional Security Cameras to maximize operations? How Access Control is used in a dispensary and the IL Application for Legalized Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan which is a whopping 50-page limit and accounts for 25% of the points towards Approval.

Interview with a Security Camera Hacker

Episode 4: Interview with a Security Camera Hacker… In this Episode of the Security In-Focus Podcast we discuss with Alissa Knight Cybersecurity Evangelist and Certified Ethical Hacker the steps hackers to take to Infiltrate CCTV Systems, The Vulnerabilities of Commercial Security Cameras, the Convergence of Cyber and Physical Security Systems & What Advise do Hackers have for IT Managers in Securing their video surveillance systems.

Healthcare Security Systems

In this Episode of Security In Focus Podcast we discuss what it takes to Secure a Major Healthcare Facilities. How Hospitals use technologies like Access Control & Visitor Management Systems to Secure their Patients while not Restricting Access to Doctors. The collaboration a Security Professional Must Have with other Departments to Improve the Culture of Security and much more…

Access Control Systems Past, Present and Future

In this episode, we discuss Door Access Control Systems Past, Present, and Future. Terminator 2 was released in 1991 and showed several times where (John Connor) infiltrated proximity card readers in seconds at Cyberdyne Systems- Fast forward to 2019 what Access Control System Vulnerabilities still exist? Is the OSDP Protocol the future and where are we going with Mobile Credentials and Facial Recognition for secured entry? All this and more with my special Guest Michael Glasser Certified Ethical Hacker & Physical Security Expert from Glasser Security.

China’s Influence on American Security Systems

The influence of China on American security, consumer vs. commercial security cameras and the involvement of the system integrator as well as the overall value chain of security systems supply to the end-user. We also talk about if the grass is greener in other industries outside video surveillance and the challenges for start-ups coming into the security industry including one solution innovations like gun shot detection.

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