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Thomas Carnevale, the Chief Operating Officer of Umbrella Technologies, a Global Security Consulting firm focusing on Physical Security Technology serving Fortune 1000 Clients and Government Agencies for nearly 20 years joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Thomas Carnevale discuss the following:

  1. For those of us who don’t know what are Door Access Control Systems, why is it important for businesses to have?
  2. What is the best access control system?
  3. What are the different types of access control?
  4. What are other important components of a commercial security system?
  5. Where do you see access control systems going in the future?

“An electronic door access control system is a key component to all types of businesses ranging from the SMB market to the enterprise”. 

-Thomas Carnevale, Founder & CEO of Umbrella Technologies

Business Access Control in Action

An access control system is a keyless entry solution that allows employees to access certain areas of the facility and conduct certain areas of business where they should be. From a business owner’s perspective, having a business door access control system can function as a productive and attendance solution. It can function as a trail of guests and it can also function as being a simplistic tool that helps them and helps their business to run more efficiently.

For example, if you are a business owner and you left for the day but no employees were around to help but you needed to open the door for the cleaning crew, 10 years ago, you’d have to drive all the way back to the office and open the door. In today’s world, that same business owner can, from their mobile phone, unlock the front door for a few seconds to allow entrance for the cleaning crew, all thanks to having a business door access control system.

Not only is a business door access control system a vital security need for businesses, it is an operational tool and makes managing a business so much easier.

Professional Access Control Systems

Our access control technology simplifies the management of all the important aspects of your physical security entry operations.

With all the customization options, managing and scaling security operations is hassle-free. We at Umbrella Technologies want you to have the best Access Control System possible that fits your specific needs and specifications.

The “Best” Access Control System 

The “best” access control system is completely relative to the type of business. There are so many types of access control systems out there. The one that is the best is the one that fits the business the best! It depends on several factors such as the employee count; the more employees and the larger the facility could dictate that decision if they want to have a database integration. For example, if a business is operating under an active directory or using Google to manage their employees, they can synchronize an access control system that is compatible with those databases in order to effectively run their credentials.

Say, for example, that you unfortunately have a bad experience with an employee that needs to be terminated. Furthermore, their access to the business door access control system’s credentials can be eliminated. You can also control the access that employees have within the facility. For example, they may have access to open the front door but not an office or storage room.

There are several methods which culminate what the best access control system is for a business, whether they should have it be an on premise server that houses the database, or should they have this be in the cloud? There are other options to consider like mobile credentials. There are several different options and it really comes down to having a security consultant sit down with a business and understanding what their business model is and what their security precautions are. Having the right access control system shaped for your business is just a click away.

Different Types of Access Control 

In layman’s terms, there is an on premise capability. The access control server would be housing all of the credential databases on site. This is a physical server that would be located on the company premises and that manages the credentials. It communicates to the door controllers which actually operates the doors. The open alternative to that is having a cloud based system.

We get a varying degree of opinions of cost and what it really costs to manage an on-premise server or host services in the cloud. Whether it’s access control systems or databases, any other type of enterprise solution is really trending toward cloud management and access control coasted in the cloud and is a really strong fit for a lot of businesses, even when they have multiple locations. They don’t have to have a central database, which has a single point of failure to control multiple locations. So, they don’t have to have a central database, which has a single point of failure to control multiple locations.

We are seeing a lot of trends going to the cloud. This has also really reduced cost if you measure the number of credentials that a business door access control system would have versus physical locations, amount of doors, and people that a system like this would supply.

The Most Important Commercial Security System Components  

Access control is a very critical component of an overall commercial security system, but it is one component. Integrating access control with an enterprise video surveillance system really allows larger businesses to have the ability to verify credentials as they’re entering the door.

So for example, we’ll say that John Smith enters the front door. There’s a surveillance camera showing that entry. That credential database, as previously mentioned, in setting up from it’s origin with the Active Directory. Typically, when new employees are on board, a picture of them is taken, their roles and responsibilities are defined, their authorization levels and access to the facility and timing are on set.

Those are some of the ingredients which houses a credential of an employee. In addition to that, with video surveillance integration, it allows that real time human being who is walking through that door to be verified with video, cross their credentials and this is a synchronization of video surveillance and access control which really allows for security operators and IT managers, when they are doing an investigation to not have to go to multiple different databases in order to audit something. It’s really all in one unified platform and integrating intrusion detection, like glass break sensors, and panic alarm systems.

These are all types of solutions that should be fully integrated in a commercial security system. So, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, all combined. For a facilities security infrastructure, we think are some of the high points of a total security system integration. 









The Future of Access Control Systems 

It’s a really exciting time for the access control market. The original protocol for access control is called the Wiegland protocol. This is something talked a lot about on Umbrella Technologies’ Founder & CEO Thomas Carnevale’s podcast Security in Focus.


 On the podcast, security experts from all over the world talk about several different security related topics including Access Control Protocol, which is essentially 90% of all commercial facilities. Access Control Protocol has not changed in over 40 years. So, anyone that does a couple of Google searches can understand what the Wiegland protocol is and how to infiltrate it now.



 There are new technologies emerging called OSDP Protocol. which is a secured and potentially, if it’s configured properly encrypted protocols which makes access control systems very secure. A big thing that happened in the news in 2019 was a Google employee who decided on a whim to hack their access control system at Google’s corporate headquarters. And this was one of the major events that finally allowed the access control market to recognize some of its own vulnerabilities and implement more secure protocols.

“The future of access control systems lies in mobile credentials, using smartphones so users can gain access without a keycard, facial recognition, and really any kind of driving through to the enterprise market with credentials being aligned with facial recognition. Instead of a card, instead of a mobile phone, or a key fob, people can have the correct access all through facial recognition. So, there is a lot of integration happening with access control systems and a lot of different legacy systems that still need upgrading to get away from the insecure Wiegland protocol.” -Thomas Carnevale, Founder & CEO of Umbrella Technologies  

In this interview conducted by Enterprise Radio for Entrapanurers, Thomas Carnevale details the pros and cons of a variety of commercial access control systems that business owners should consider when securing there people, facility and intellectual property.










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