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The Leading Resource on Physical Security Systems, Technology and Best Practices for Professional Security Systems. This blog is intended for End-Users who are responsible for securing their Facility that protects People, Products and Information.

Upgrading Your Business’s Access Control System

You’ve made a wise decision by investing in access control for your business’s security system. So, you want to make sure that you are getting the best value out of your commercial security system, right? The best possible way to do this is by upgrading your...

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Using Mass Emergency Notification Systems During Crisis

In countries such as South Korea, people are receiving ‘emergency text messages’ from mass notification systems that government officials are pumping out nearly three to five times a day. On February 25th, one district sent out a message detailing a person’s movements...

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The Definitive Guide to Business CCTV Security

What is CCTV?  “Closed-Circuit Television”, or CCTV, is a system that allows you to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around your business. Monitors and cameras allow you to view what’s happening live, and recorders save footage that can be accessed at a later...

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Creating Fundamental College Campus Security

Thousands of students roam specific areas every day when classes are in session, trying to get to and from classes, dorms, clubs, etc. It's incredibly important to secure these areas to keep students as safe as possible. This guide will assist in creating fundamental...

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Is It Time for Your Business to Revitalize Cyber Security?

There are hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks every year. Cyber attacks are incredibly expensive and pose a threat to businesses, consumers, and employees. On average, a cyber data breach can cost around 4 million dollars. So, what actions should be taken? Lets get...

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