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Access control Systems is the selective restriction of access to specific locations or resources within a certain facility. There are a large number of reasons why all businesses, from small offices to large corporations should be utilizing this simple and effective security tool. The future success of a company often heavily relies on keeping every detail in check and every single employee accountable, and access control greatly aids in accomplishing these goals.

Access control security
Access control use

Before access control systems became reliable and effective, companies had to rely on trustworthy employees to do their jobs correctly. It was crucial for managers and employees to be in constant communication. This obviously took a lot of time and effort to accomplish. There were also many complex problems that seemed to have no solution. Over the years, access control has become increasingly more advanced and user-friendly, allowing facility managers to focus on other important aspects of running their facility.  In addition, when employers or managers did want to secure their facility they would be forced to use lock and key systems that are easily breached, picked or copied.

Access control takes the guessing out of who did what. It also eliminates the constant stress of whether or not something is able to happen. With an access control system in place, you can have total control of who gains access to which area.  Isolate target and restricted areas, enable time-restrictions and for guests deliver expiring credentials.  

Biometrics access control
Access control card reader

There are many different ways access can be granted to users. You can set up group policies, account restrictions, passwords, PINs, and individual access to every user for every separate location. Access control is now a simple and effective tool in running a business and keeping facilities safe and secure.

Before starting an access control systems project for your building be sure to read the biggest mistakes end-users make so you can ensure you have the best system for your facility.

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