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Our Story – Umbrella Technologies

Innovative products within the security industry

For more than 10 years the founders of Umbrella Technologies have created innovative products within the security industry including HD security cameras, video surveillance management, and business intelligence analytics.

Time and time again we have gotten a first-hand look at the core frustrations of end-users. We saw an incredibly urgent need to create true convergence of their security technologies.

We have seen end-users provided with unrealistic expectations, ridiculous price gouging, inconsistent service and support, and even complete project failure!

Finally, we said “ENOUGH!” and decided to bring our best individuals together to create the perfect solution. That solution is Umbrella Technologies.

The mission of Umbrella Technologies is to fulfill the growing demand of true security system integration. Unlike other companies, we have the experience, knowledge, and proper technology to make sure every single area is covered!

We provide quality service at affordable prices. We won’t stop until a project is completed to your satisfaction. Our ongoing support and service will exceed your expectations!

Our Core Values

Graduation cap for Umbrella Technologies


We were students before experts.

Every single day, we hear phrases such as “I’ve been in the industry for 20 years, so I must know what I’m doing!” every single day.

Well, 20 years ago everything was completely different. To be honest, everything was completely different even three years ago!

We do not carry the attitude of knowing it all, but success is the reward to individuals who are continuously prepared – and we always come prepared!

Tropy display for Umbrella Technologies


There is a difference between being competitive and being overly confident with nothing to show for it.

When engaging with customers, we are fully invested in their continued success and will stop at nothing to make sure they succeed.

Our sole focus is to make sure you win. And with Umbrella Technologies, you will always win – and you will win BIG with the security systems we engineer!

A lightbulb


We live it!

Transparency is a driving force for Umbrella Technologies. In the security industry, there is no room for uncertainty. Trust must be established and maintained from the very start.

Even if it’s something a customer doesn’t want to hear, or something they are greatly concerned might go wrong, we will keep them informed as we tackle the issue together.

A paintbrush


We are only limited by our imagination.

Understanding the problem before implementation is our code. Our team handles each project with great care and patience.

Every project is a puzzle that needs to be solved. The answers to these puzzles belong to those who are willing to work hard to figure them out.

The team at Umbrella Technologies is always devising innovative and creative solutions, for both new and returning customers.

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