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Challenges Facing School Security Systems

One of the biggest challenges schools today is the need to provide an environment that is both safe and conducive to learning. This can be difficult considering the range of security incidents and challenges they face, including bullying, fights, graffiti, theft and more. Controlling who can enter a school and monitoring the goings-on within a building or campus are paramount to providing a safe, secure environment from the outer perimeter to the classroom. At the same time, this must be accomplished in a way that doesn’t make people feel as if they are in prison.

Further complicating matters are the inevitable budgetary constraints that force schools to do more with less. At the same time, schools are being asked to do more with less because of ever-decreasing budgets.

8 Ways Access Control Systems can Provide School Security

8 Ways Access Control Systems can Provide School Security

Educational facilities require a secured learning environment. Implementing efficient School Security is a top priority to ensure the safety of students, teachers, staff, and others within the school premise. This task requires a balance between creating a welcoming...

What to Expect from a Professional Security Camera Installation

What to Expect from a Professional Security Camera Installation

Security Managers or IT directors who are responsible for securing people, places, and inventory should be prepared before they hire a commercial security system integration firm to install their CCTV system. As a security manager or IT director, you have a unique...

School Security Systems

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Finding the right mix between maintaining security and providing a welcoming, learning-conducive environment while fitting solutions into a tight budget can often seem like a difficult, if not impossible, task – one which requires a skilled security partner.

This is where Umbrella Technologies comes in. With extensive experience in the education market, we understand the vital importance of maintaining the safety and school security systems for students, staff, visitors and others who are authorized to be on the premises. The most effective, well-thought-out solutions to protect educational facilities consist of a combination of video surveillance, access control and other advanced technologies. As experts in these solutions, we can make your facility as safe and welcoming as possible.


• Video Surveillance

• Access Control

• Mass Notifications

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Video Surveillance

HD, Panoramic and 4K surveillance cameras are now available connected to an Open-Platform Management Software that’s easy to find evidence you need when you need it.


wireless access points & structure

Wired and wireless LAN designed for Gigabit speed and guest access services that are cost effective, secure and reliable without central hardware.  802.11n and 80211ac wireless connectivity for indoor environments. 


Access control

Physical Security starts with the Door.  Electronic card access control utilizing magnetic locks and intelligent IP Based proximity card readers is the primary architecture for proper security for any facility or multi-location enterprise system.


Mass Surveillance

Emergencies from active shooters to weather alerts with a flexible solution that sends potentially life-saving notifications through desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP desk phones, mobile devices, fire alarm systems and digital signage. 

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