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Convergence of Cyber & Physical Security

Umbrella Technologies is taking a new approach to security system integration. We actually make things work together. Too often physical security assets are and not combined with cyber security infrastructure or vise-versa.

Umbrella is different . We’ve taken our in-depth design and development background to become the most focused, value driven security system integration company in the industry.

Our Story

For nearly 10 years the founders of Umbrella Technologies in Chicago, Illinois created innovative products within the security industry from High Definition cameras, video management software and actionable business intelligence.

Time and time again we got a first-hand look at the core frustrations of end-users and saw the urgent need to create clear convergence of their security technologies. Finally, we said ENOUGH… Read more

It's time to get secure with the latest technology

With a Convergence of Cyber & Physical Security we're here to help. Conveniently located in Chicago & Los Angeles.

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