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Paper with details of our history process


We both need and want to get to know you, your internal procedures, and the individuals in your facility.

We also need to know what has and has not worked in the past, what did not meet your set of expectations, and what you would like to see done better or differently.

In order for the team at Umbrella Technologies to fully understand your needs and goals, every concern and expectation should be clearly laid out. This allows us to efficiently and correctly align the procedures for the right path to success.

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If you currently have a security system implemented, Umbrella Technologies will take careful audit of your existing technology infrastructure.

We document the limitations and strengths of your system as well as cable routing. This helps to greatly reduce labor costs as well as potential issues of your security system.

Far too often existing security systems are simply disposed of, a costly and time-consuming mistake. Together, we can assess and leverage new technologies to maximize the existing investment in your security system.

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A thorough analysis and an onsite security assessment will be conducted. This also includes your own team for additional input.

A walk-through of the facility will allow us to survey new security camera locations, doors or entrances that are to be secured, network infrastructure threats or concerns, and analyze current burglar and fire alarm systems.

Blueprints showing our design process


In this phase, we make both product and software service recommendations. We always match the best technologies suitable for your specific needs. We then compile a complete scope-of-work.

We produce a documented schedule of installation, specifications for all products, customized engineering drawings, and a demonstration of the effectiveness of all products before they are installed.

A proposal will be submitted after design review which will itemize each product, software license, and service to be performed.

Man installing a surveillance camera


Depending on the scope of the project, Umbrella Technologies will be delivering either daily or bi-weekly written progress reports on the ongoing installation. This will continue until the completion date.

A transparent method of communication is provided so you can keep the pulse of progress alive without distraction from your day-to-day duties.

Three employees training


It is our responsibility that you and your team is fully capable of operating the technology we install.

We create solutions that are easy to use and implement for your team. You will have complete independence once the project is completed.

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Review and Finalization

Upon completion of the identified scope-of-work, Umbrella Technology will walk with you in the field to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

Nothing will be billed until you completely approve of the project.


We are security system design experts who bring the best value to commercial or government clients. Your time is valuable - see if we are a strong fit by scheduling on your calendar 1 of our 4 categories of meetings. If nothing else you'll walk away armed with more information to make better business decisions.

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Proud Member of Illinois Security Professional Association & GMISIL Government Management Information Sciences Illinois

Proud Member of Illinois Security Professional Association
Proud Member of GMISIL Government Management Information Sciences Illinois
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