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The Leading Resource on Physical Security Systems, Technology and Best Practices for Professional Security Systems. This blog is intended for End-Users who are responsible for securing their Facility that protects People, Products and Information.

Episode 1: China’s Influence on American Security Systems

The influence of China on American security, consumer vs. commercial security cameras and the involvement of the system integrator as well as the overall value chain of security systems supply to the end-user. We also talk about if the grass is greener in other industries outside video surveillance and the challenges for start-ups coming into the security industry including one solution innovations like gun shot detection.

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Access Control Systems and its Effectiveness

There are a large number of reasons why everything from small offices to large corporations should be utilizing this simple and effective security tool. The future success of a company often heavily relies on…

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Why Food Manufacturers Need An Access Control System?

Food manufacturing companies have a huge responsibility to the American public. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does its best to make sure they live up to it. Not only does the FDA mandate a slew of regulations designed to help ensure our food meets standards...

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Wireless Surveillance Cameras for Business

There are several applications in commercial security systems that demand wireless surveillance cameras. In this article we outline the key objectives of wireless surveillance cameras, best uses and practical tips for businesses.

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Cloud Access Control Systems Vs. On-Premise- Which is Better?

What is a cloud access control system? Well, it's an access control system that has the capability to store, manage and process vast amount of data digitally in third party data centers, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, from any connected device. Cloud Access...

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