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Network Infrastructure Security

Fiber Optic Technology Solutions Are Simple and Effective

Every business participating in today’s globally digital landscape understands that threats to their network infrastructure is part of the price of doing business.  Public and private businesses in sectors as diverse as healthcare, transportation and finance stay vigilant while continually searching for new and better solutions to block determined cybercriminals from gaining access to network infrastructure.

A Secure Network Begins with Building a Tougher Network Infrastructure

A Secure Network Begins with Building a Tougher Network Infrastructure: Physical Layer 1

Endpoint encryption has become the industry standard over the years, but why not start at the foundation by improving physical layer 1 security strategies?

To give you an idea of how the physical layer 1 can help protect your network infrastructure, explore a few of its many functions:


Defines Bits

Physical layer 1 determines the manner in which bits convert from 0s and 1s into signals.

Figures Data Rate

Determines the rate at which data flows in bits per second.

Synchronizes Devices

Ensures that sending and receiving devices are fully synchronized.

Sets Transmission Mode

Deciphers the direction of transmissions and whether they are simplex, half-duplex or full-duplex.

Gauges the Interface

Determines the way that devices connect to a particular transmission medium, such as radio waves or Ethernet.

In practical context, Physical security layer 1 differs from controls and vulnerabilities at higher levels in a fundamental way.

The higher layers of security deal with security controls intended to prevent denial, disclosure or alteration of data while physical layer 1 focuses on blocking intruders, thieves and vandals.

Physical layers serve as the front line—like roadblocks—against any physical intrusion that might include the following:

Data Theft via Music Player or Designated Storage Device

Data Theft via Music Player or Designated Storage Device (Podslurping)

Password Insertion
Password Insertion
Password Extraction
Password Extraction

Integrated Physical and Cyber Security Solutions Featuring Optical Fiber
Monitoring Offers Peace of Mind for Overloaded IT Leaders

Neglecting physical security concerns while attending to the higher layers could result in an easily preventable data compromise situation.

You can cover it all, from the bottom to top layers.

Whether you are seeking high-level data protection for critical infrastructure, private enterprise, classified networks or foreign government systems, a defense grade security provider that focuses on optical fiber monitoring to catch attacks at the physical layer could be the answer you have in mind.

Optical fiber is the primary medium for high-capacity communication in today’s digital sphere, responsible for the transportation of bits, data, file traffic, and aggregated internet each day. Optical fiber monitoring provides an efficient way to quickly identify, localize and neutralize problems with your fiber-based network infrastructure.

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