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Full-Service Cannabis Security Solutions

Cannabis Security Systems that deliver Protection and Compliance

Expert Cannabis Security Plan Development, and Security Services for Dispensary, Cultivation, Craft Growing Facilities, and Infusion Labs. 

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After 20 Years in the Security Industry & 8 Years Securing Cannabis Businesses we offer to compound value to new and existing Cultivation Centers, Dispensaries, Craft Growers, Infusion or Extraction Labs, and even Cannabis Transporters.  You’re the Cannabis Business Expert lean on us for the Cannabis Security Expertise.

Cannabis Security Plans

Cannabis Security Plans for State Applications require a ton of content in the neighborhood of 200,000 words or 50+ pages and must have every rule, regulation, policy, and procedure crafted in the complex compliance narratives. In addition, video surveillance, intrusion and access control designs must correlate with the proposed floor-plan in other areas of the cannabis application.

Highly Regulated Security Means States are requiring 24 Hour Recording, 90-Days on-premise & Cloud Recording, High Definition Surveillance Cameras that deliver facial recognition, Continuous System Monitoring, Still Photos that are printable, Watermarked Time-Date and Stamped Video, Panic Alarm buttons, DEA Regulated Safes and Vaults and much more.


Project Management & Cannabis Security System Design

When your cultivation, craft-grow or dispensary license gets approved by the state- Then is when the Fun begins.  Having an expert that turns your security plan into a living breathing and functioning part of your business is valuable.

New construction of cannabis businesses needs to be managed from the inception.  Our team of project managers delivers compliant cannabis security design solutions.  We work in concert with your chosen Lead Architect (or recommend our partners) and in the design process provide you multiple security options the meet compliance but have differentiating features to can also meet your budget.

Installation & Service

It all comes down to the execution.  Once your design is complete it’s time to work with the General Contractor & begin the installation process of your video surveillance system, access control system & intrusion alarm system.  All of these technologies are integrated to deliver a user-friendly experience but backed with a professional security installation that exceeds local building code regulations.

Upon final commissioning, our certified technical engineering team will have a 1-on-1 administrative training and with your designated staff create security authorization levels of access.  On-going service, maintenance, and monitoring is all part of our complete solution to keep you compliant and have every alert and feature operational.

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Do You Know the Primary Security Threats to Your Cannabis Business?

No one in the industry—or outside the industry, for that matter—is surprised that there are threats to cannabis businesses.

Do you know the primary security threats to your cannabis business?

Our security design and system integration team have come up with a preview list of the most important threats to your cannabis retail or manufacturing business:


Robberies at dispensaries or grow sites, or while transporting marijuana products for distribution.


Stolen product while the staff is distracted, or when a customer is in a blind spot in the cannabis dispensary.


Burglaries during hours when the shop or grow facility is closed, and no owners, management or employees are on the premises to monitor the surroundings.


Theft of cannabis products or cash by employees.


Light or heat damage to plants due to improperly selected, placed or installed security cameras.

Cannabis Security Design Overview

This Slide Deck is an Overview of Cannabis Security Design Dos and Dont’s.  It relates to the Cannabis Security Plan and Design of the Cannabis Business as it relates to Video Surveillance, Access Control & Intrusion Systems.  Feel Free to Share 🙂

Compliant/Secure Floor Plan Design

Do NOT Design the Safe (or Vault) alongside an exterior wall.

Compliant Security Technology Specifications

From 90-days of video surveillance storage to a DEA Regulated Vault.  Getting the specifications right can mean the difference between Pass or FAIL.

Identify Forensic Detail

Allowing for Forensic Detail of Employees, Customers on all entrances or exits is critical.  Facial Identification or enough PPF (pixels-per-foot) is the primary focus.  Surveillance Cameras must maintain at least 1920x1080p and in some aspects require up to 4K image resolution.

External Surveillance Coverage

External Situational Awareness combined with forensic detail on license plates on inbound and outbound vehicles and walking traffic.

Define Restricted Access Zones

Designing your cannabis facility with restricted access zones clearly separating access from the public, limited or verified customers to restricted zones authorized personnel is mandated by state regulations for cannabis security.

Clearly Identify Ingress & Egress

The Cannabis Business Facility Design should Clearly Identify Ingress & Egress, Product Path & Employee Access.

Cannabis Security Intrusion Alarm Basics

Glass Break Sensors are typically mandated for all windows.

Cannabis Intrusion Alarm System Design Example

Intrusion Alarm systems are fully integrated with both access control and video surveillance.  They incorporate glass break sensors, vibration sensors (for vaults and exterior walls), panic buttons (usually hidden all over the facility) and motion sensors.

Why the Security Plan accounts for 25% of the Points for toward Application?

The Security plan that goes into the application plays a meaningful role in the acceptance process.  This plan covers everything from the process, the physical layout of electronic access control and video surveillance to how employees are trained in emergency situations.  To creating the “Culture of Security”.

Why the Security Plan accounts for 25% of the Points for toward Application?

It delivers significant detail as to cash-management and inventory control but fundamentally it’s a framework that proves that your cannabis business is ready for the responsibility to make security a top priority.

Umbrella Technologies Has the Experience, Technology and Industry Knowledge to Offer You Expert Cannabis Security Solutions

For over 10 years, Umbrella Technologies has served industries such as education, transportation, retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial institutions, and logistics.

We proudly provide cost-effective and scalable cannabis security systems delivering 17 total years of experience in security technology expertise.

Our founders and team members stay true to our unique process and constantly work to improve our innovative products that include HD cameras, video management software, and business intelligence analytics.

We apply all the same resources and diligence when it comes to the specialized security needs of cannabis sites.

We made it a priority to meet with cannabis vendors, growers, and producers to learn how to provide expert security solutions while maintaining all relevant regulatory compliance and protecting your cannabis plants from harsh lighting and other risk factors.

Craft Grow Application Illinois a Complete Overview

How to become a craft grower in Illinois? Answer: Simple, have the most compliant craft grow application maximizing point value of each exhibit. In this breakdown we specifically outline the application rules and regulations for Illinois 1st Craft Grow License.

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Cannabis Dispensary Security Systems

In this Interview Hosted by Cannabis Industry News, they discuss Security Systems for the cannabis industry. Specifically Marijuana Dispensaries and Growing Facilities. How they use Professional Security Cameras to maximize operations? How Access Control is used in a dispensary and the IL Application for Legalized Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan which is a whopping 50-page limit and accounts for 25% of the points towards Approval.

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Understanding Cannabis Security Skills

There is a huge difference between a ‘Normal’ Security Company and one who has Cannabis Security Expertise.  Knowing the state regulations, compliance & Zoning policies is what a Cannabis Security Expert is defined by.  Combining that with the Technology Aptitude is just plain Dangerous.
  • Cannabis Compliance – 100%
  • Cannabis Security Design – 99%
  • Cannabis Security Technology aptitude- 100%
  • Cannabis Security Rules, Policies, Procedures & Training- 97%

Challenges That Cannabis Security Systems Require in Achieving Sound Security

Cannabis growers, dispensaries and infusion labs all face a variety of challenges when it comes to security, such as the following:

  • Cannabis Security System providers may defer to the social stigma of marijuana and avoid working in this industry.
  • Security firms may not have the equipment and experience to provide surveillance and keep plants safe.
  • Security providers may find the regulatory requirements overwhelming.
  • Because of the federally illegal status of cannabis MOST security organizations still do provide their services to Canna Businesses.
From Our Clients
Results Matter in the Cannabis Industry
“I’d like to thank you and let you know we were beyond impressed with the work that you provided for us. We had two Cannabis attorneys say that this security plan and the floor plan that you did for us was the most impressive that they have ever seen.

I thank you very much for working with our budget and giving our dreams in the cannabis industry a chance we couldn’t have gotten a competitive application in without you.

You should raise your prices, seriously people will pay for this and I will be at the front promoting your security firm, which I already have to at least 15-20 people in the industry so look for my referrals!

Win or lose we will be in touch in May!

Thank you!!” Fahad Qasim

Owner, The Grove Dispensary Aurora Illinois

“I was overly impressed with Umbrella’s Security Plan for my social equity cannabis dispensary application. From the architectural proposed floor plan to the in-depth security plan their work exceeded my expectations in every way. Umbrella truly went above and beyond with providing my business compliant exhibits. LuShonda Young Chi-Town Blossom Dispensary” LUSHONDA YOUNG

Owner, Chi-Town Blossom Dispensary

“I met Umbrella Technologies at several events in which they spoke about security plans for Cannabis Dispensary Applications. Their insight provided me so much value we hired them for a social equity application. Their 50-page security plan deliverable was outstanding and not only cited every regulation by the state but its composition was that of a culture of security and transparency for new Cannabis Businesses. We look forward to using their expertise in future applications. I would highly recommend Umbrella to anyone who needs security.” John D. Brooks

Attorney, Vermont Law

“We ended up choosing Umbrella as our Cannabis Security Consultant for the Dispensary application. The quality of the work really impressed a Harvard B School grad on my team. He went on and on about the level of detail and how he felt very confident about the product we had in hand. Tom is very “cut to the chase” and gets down the nitty-gritty very quickly. I loved it. He was responsible, responsive and very easy to understand. I feel that he TRULY has this Cannabis Security thing down. I will feel very comfortable putting my safety, and that of my staff and customers, in Umbrella’s hands.” Holly DuPart


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