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Cannabis Security Systems that deliver Protection and Compliance.


Expert Cannabis Security Plan Development, and Security Services for Dispensary, Cultivation, Craft Growing Facilities and Infusion Labs.  Need Expert Advice on Cannabis Security? 

Security for Cannabis Business

Legalization of marijuana across the United States continues making rapid progress, providing more opportunities to cannabis business owners all the time.

The international cannabis market is projected to hit $31.4 billion by 2021.

In a market already hitting the $7.7 billion mark as of 2017, and with 90% of global sales driven by the U.S., the cannabis industry is prime territory for entrepreneurs.

Are you planning to launch your own cannabis business?

If so, our team at Umbrella Technologies understands that security solutions are your top priority.

I’d like to thank you and let you know we were beyond impressed with the work that you provided for us. We had two Cannabis attorneys say that this security plan and the floor plan that you did for us was the most impressive that they have ever seen.

I thank you very much for working with our budget and giving our dreams in the cannabis industry a chance we couldn’t have gotten a competitive application in without you.

You should raise your prices, seriously people will pay for this and I will be at the front promoting your security firm, which I already have to at least 15-20 people in the industry so look for my referrals!

Win or lose we will be in touch in May!

Fahad Qasim

Owner, The Grove Dispensary

With the amount of cash and inventory on hand, having a reliable security system for your cannabusiness is a must. Our experienced team is ready to help your legal cannabis business get compliant.

Do You Know the Primary Security Threats to Your Cannabis Business?

No one in the industry—or outside the industry, for that matter—is surprised that there are threats to cannabis businesses.

Do you know the primary security threats to your cannabis business?

Our security design and system integration team has come up with a list of the most important threats to your cannabis growing, selling or producing business:

  • Robberies at dispensaries or grow sites, or while transporting marijuana products for distribution.
  • Stolen product while staff is distracted, or when a customer is in a blind spot in the cannabis dispensary.
  • Burglaries during hours when the shop or grow facility is closed, and no owners, management or employees are on the premises to monitor the surroundings.
  • Theft of cannabis product or cash by employees.
  • Light or heat damage to plants due to improperly selected, placed or installed security cameras.
Security for Cannabis Business

Challenges That Cannabis Security Systems Require in Achieving Sound Security

Cannabis growers, vendors and producers all face a variety of challenges when it comes to security, such as the following:

  • Cannabis Security System providers may defer to the social stigma of marijuana and avoid working in this industry.
  • Security firms may not have the equipment and experience to provide surveillance and keep plants safe.

Security providers may find the regulatory requirements overwhelming.


Umbrella Technologies Has the Confidence, Technology and Industry Knowledge to Offer You Expert Security Solutions

For over 10 years, Umbrella Technologies has served industries such as education, transportation, retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial institutions and logistics.

We proudly provide cost effective and scalable cannabis security systems delivering 17 total years of experience in security technology expertise.

Our founders and team members stay true to our unique process and constantly work to improve our innovative products that include HD cameras, video management software and business intelligence analytics.

We apply all the same resources and diligence when it comes to the specialized security needs of cannabis sites.

We made it a priority to meet with cannabis vendors, growers, and producers to learn how to provide expert security solutions while maintaining all relevant regulatory compliance and protecting your cannabis plants from harsh lighting and other risk factors.

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Get Started Securing Your Cannabis Business Today!

Umbrella Technologies offers advanced cannabis security solutions for your business.

Is it time to ramp up your business’s security?

Get in touch with our Umbrella Technologies team to let us know your security needs and how we can help!

Video Surveillance

HD, Panoramic and 4K surveillance cameras are now available connected to an Open-Platform Management Software that’s easy to find evidence you need when you need it.

wireless access points & structure

Wired and wireless LAN designed for Gigabit speed and guest access services that are cost effective, secure and reliable without central hardware.  802.11n and 80211ac wireless connectivity for indoor environments.


Access control

Physical Security starts with the Door.  Electronic card access control utilizing magnetic locks and intelligent IP Based proximity card readers is the primary architecture for proper security for any facility or multi-location enterprise system.

Emergency Mass NOtification

Emergencies from active shooters to weather alerts with a flexible solution that sends panic alarms potentially life-saving notifications through desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP desk phones, mobile devices, fire alarm systems and digital signage.

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