Cyber Security

Network / Cyber Security: Protecting your network infrastructure, data, and users from targeted and persistent attacks
The truth is, you need a network security solution that:

Detects threats that traditional security products from other vendors can't.


Reduces noise to optimize your security staff's time and effort.


Continually adapts to the evolving threat landscape of Cyber Security.


Scales and remains flexible as your organization continually grows.

Umbrella Technologies’ Cyber Security solutions protect against known and unknown advanced attacks. With the signature-less virtual engine, conventional intrusion prevention system (IPS), and intelligence-driven detection, all areas of security are covered.

This enables faster detection, more accurate alerts, and reduced noise. Identifying the threats that traditional security solutions aren’t capable of allows you to focus on alerts that pose a genuine threat to your system and reduces the operational cost of false positives.

Security professionals know that indiscriminate detection and prevention is not good enough. Organizations need to be able to quickly respond to and share information about attacks in order to prevent serious data loss. And with the add-on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Intercept appliance, you can increase your visibility into SSL traffic to detect and block encrypted attacks.

Fully Managed and Continuously Monitored
Your business must keep pace with continuous technology and network changes in order to address new security threats and compliance requirements. Firewall monitoring and management is resource-intensive, and the added complexity of constant firewall management can be costly for your organization. Umbrella Technologies will deploy and manage your firewalls so that you can reclaim vital technical manpower that can be deployed for more strategic objectives.
Unified Enterprise Security: Threat Management
Unified Enterprise Security fulfills the promise of a truly integrated and advanced threat-management solution which delivers an enterprise security experience unlike any other.

Operate With Certainty

Stop wondering whether or not advanced, persistent threats may be lurking around undiscovered and know precisely what actions to take and when.

Reduces Noise

Reduces noise to optimize your security staff’s time and effort.

Maintain Your Sanity

Stop trying to keep up with the ever-accelerating treadmill of signature-based threat detection and repeated false alarms. Recognize and profile your normal network behavior and synthesize it with human judgment for a targeted response.

Continually Adapts

Continually adapts to the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Stay a Step Ahead

Stop reacting and start predicting which threats will emerge – before they occur. Harness the best of both man and machine to create a system that gets smarter every day instead of falling farther behind.


Scales and remains flexible as your organization continually grows.

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