Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems



User-friendly control panels that are easy to operate.


Wireless keypads and keychains so you can control your alarm system from anywhere inside or near your business.


Motion sensors, door/window contacts, and glass-break detectors that trigger audible and visual alarms to warn intruders.


Mobile solutions that let you arm and disarm your burglar or fire alarm system and get notifications on your computer or smartphone.


Uninterruptible power supplies that ensure continuous monitoring of your security system.


Cellular back-up that prevents weather or other interference with landlines.

Umbrella Technologies uses best-in-breed products from reliable manufactures to design the burglar and fire alarm systems¬†that meets your organization’s needs. We do this all completely within your budget and local jurisdiction codes and insurance requirements.

Consult Umbrella Technologies on the best way to save money with your next fire alarm system. Umbrella can help you protect your business with high quality and reliable burglar alarms from some of the best security equipment manufacturers in the industry.

Low-cost monitoring services are hosted at our partnered central station. We deliver a 24 hour – 7 days a week peace-of-mind that can alert you and dispatch authorized personnel should a break-in occurs.

Red alarm for fire alarm systems
Burglar triggering burglar alarm system

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